History of Twitchy Dolphin Flix

TWITCHY DOLPHIN FLIX was born before the folks that started it even knew it. We're based in Austin where it all began when James Christopher and Chris Copple met as film students at the University of Texas. They eventually decided to make an action short together, on their own, in the worst heat of a central Texas July, and a partnership was forged.

A year and several short films later, Jim and Chris decided to try making a full-length feature — again on their own. In March 2007, with a small cast and crew of friends, they began shooting LITTLEFIELD based on a script Jim had written in college. Chris set up the shots and Jim directed. The production went fairly smoothly for a first feature; and LITTLEFIELD has been well-received by those who have seen it.

Halfway through making LITTLEFIELD though, two things grew apparent to Jim and Chris. First, they had the desire and talent to do this for a living; and second, they couldn't do it alone. So, they decided to recruit some help and form a company so they could focus solely on creative development. During the summer of 2007 they turned to Jim's wife Jessica Bybee-Dziedzic for her graphic design acumen to run the marketing side of things and her brother Nathan Bybee to run the business side of things as CEO. Over the next few months as the four united, TWITCHY DOLPHIN began to take shape and was officially established in January 2008.

Looking Ahead

Similar to a theater troupe, we strive to foster a fun atmosphere that encourages people to want to continue working with us project after project. We also believe staff development is critical to our long-term success, so we look for ways to tailor scripts to actors' strengths and give crew members opportunities to gain experience in whatever areas of filmmaking interest them.

TWITCHY DOLPHIN is also far more than just it's four founders. Brilliant contributors give countless hours and gallons of sweat working both as actors and behind the camera as crew.

The future is bright for TWITCHY DOLPHIN. We won our first film festival award in 2008 and our production slate is full through 2012, including several shorts and features. With each film and project we produce, the future prospects for this company have all of us involved feeling excited, giddy, and well... twitchy.