History of SNATCH 'N' GRAB

"Why is it that when a man has sex with a lot of women, he's a called a stud? But when a woman has sex with a few men, she's called a slut?"

That is the central question at the core of the Twitchy Dolphin Flick Snatch 'N' Grab. To answer the question, writer James Christopher created a story involving four women, all spurned by men in different ways and looking for a way to change the course of their lives. They come to the conclusion that by taking charge of their sex lives first, everything else will fall into place. James enlisted the help of some of his female friends as he began crafting the story in late summer, 2008. He wanted to make sure that the dialogue sounded true to how women might speak to each other when all the men were gone and they were talking about sex and relationships. The result is an over the top, madcap comedy that watches these women embark on an often tumultuous journey in and out of bedrooms.

After a year of working on the script, Twitchy Dolphin felt it was ready for production in October 2009. Immediately following the film Look At Me Again, the film would be a drastic departure from anything Twitchy had produced to that point or for that matter most of the indie film marketplace at the time. The first obstacle to overcome was finding the perfect cast. With over fifty speaking roles in the movie, the actors playing the four women needed to be able to pull off vulnerability and likeability while doing things that society might consider "un-lady-like."

Stephanie Dunbar was cast before the movie was even written. She dove into Selina, creating a character that seamlessly moves from naive, to jaded, to lover - all with grace, beauty, and hilarity. Long-time Twitchy collaborator Christen Mays was cast in her first lead in a feature as the reluctant Marissa, a character so jaded by relationships that she's resigns any control of her life and instead, chooses to go with the flow. Terissa Kelton took a leap from featured extra to lead with Becca, the youngest of the group. Terissa's challenge was to create a character that never lost her virginity "because she never got around to it" and make that character believable. She succeeded and her exploits as she tries to give away make you groan with uncomfortable delight. To round out the leads, Twitchy turned to newcomer Fiona Rene as Nina. Nina is the bored housewife who suspects that her husband is having an affair and embraces the challenge of trying to seduce guys.

Some great actors rounded out the cast. Derick Morris gives his best performance as Martin, the world's worst police detective, smitten with Marissa. Phillip Emmanuel plays Dr. Roger, a cheating husband and a fan of custard. Jon McDonald plays Travis, the young man who has no staying power. Benjamin Tubbs plays Al, the curious subject of cell phone photography while John Hafner plays Joey, Selina's philandering brother. And to play the sexy, lethal villain of the piece, Twitchy Dolphin tapped Margaret Ann Garza to star as Liz, the underwear sniffing, and handcuffing femme fatale.

Now that the cast was in place, director James Christopher and producers Aaron Gaudin and Debra Blain had to put the production together. They decided to shoot the movie in small chunks, letting each characters story breathe as individual vignettes. This presented certain problems for the production, including continuity and keeping the morale of the cast and crew up over the month's long shoot. 2nd AD Karen Pitts and Grip Of Sunshine Caitlin Sweeney handled this problem by making every actor prepared for the day's shoot and keeping them in the loop and ready to go.

To shoot the movie, Twitchy Dolphin tapped William Cooper. Will had worked on every Twitchy project released so far, except Funny Books and was more than up to the task. He and James worked on the visual style of the film and came to the conclusion that shooting the movie on two cameras, documentary style and keeping it real dirty would add to the film and give it a different edge all together. Essentially, a visual style usually reserved for action movies would be used in a sex romp. That, combined with interview footage would give the film a unique vibe.

The production, though long, went smoothly. CAPSTONE COMICS, TONY C's and J BLACK'S FEEL GOOD LOUNGE graciously opened their doors to the production. The cast and crew pulled together seamlessly and the production was very smooth.

Once wrapped, post production began in earnest. James Christopher edited the film, while William Cooper did the color correction. Many talented artists, including Texas Renegade, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Clif Haley, Ruler Why, The Vultures, and Colin McDonald all gave their music to the soundtrack that helped created a dynamic musical collage. Twitchy Dolphin achieved final cut of Snatch 'N' Grab in August 2010, two years after the first draft was completed.