Synopsis of SNATCH 'N' GRAB

When graduate teaching assistant Selina (Stephanie Dunbar) presents her ideas for new women's studies courses at a small university, she is initially greeted with interest and optimism. But when she closes the door, she overhears the dean and other male colleagues laughing her off while describing their sexual fantasies about her.

Disgusted and angry, she returns home to unwind with friends and put the ordeal behind her. Instead, their relaxation is interrupted when her lazy, houseguest brother escorts yet another sleazy stranger on her walk of shame down the stairs and out the door. Already upset by the day, his life of guilt-free irresponsibility pushes Selina past a breaking point. She realizes she has accepted feeling powerless in her relationships with men, both personally and professionally, for far too long and becomes desperate to change it.

So she refocuses her thesis on a study of female power in a society full of double-standards and devises a game to carry out her experiment. Needing to attract other players for a control group, the game had to be interesting; and to make the boldest possible statement, what better target than the greatest double-standard of all — that men who have many sexual partners are seen as studs, while women are considered sluts.

To challenge this perception, Selina recruits her friends into the game, convincing them it's a chance to take control of their lives. Housewife Nina (Fiona Rene) is a feisty cougar who jumps at the chance to play, convinced her husband Roger (Phillip Emanuel) is already cheating on her anyway. Beautiful but socially awkward Becca (Terissa Kelton) is shyly curious at first then goes all out for the win trying to finally lose her virginity. Hardened divorcee Marissa (Christen Mays) is the most reluctant to join, feeling too old and mature for such ridiculousness. The mission of the game is simple: date like a guy, regret nothing, and keep score.

Their hilarious exploits are at first exotic and daring. The women become intoxicated by the game's liberating playfulness and the chance to test their boundaries. But they also soon learn that the longer they play, the consequences become bigger as well.

Selina risks her career and reputation on a taboo relationship with Timothy (Mark McCarver). Nina stalks Travis (Jonathan Baca),the boy next door, behind Roger's back; and Martin, a police detective unaware of the game, awakens feelings Marissa didn't think she would ever have again. Becca, despite her best efforts, keeps striking out but can't help noticing Selina's brother Joey (John Hafner).

However, as the women engage in ever riskier behavior, Joey is busy getting busy with bombshell Liz (Margaret Ann Garza) who turns out to be risky business herself. When she catches Joey's wandering eye starting to follow Becca, she threatens to expose the whole game and bring everyone down with it.

Pushed beyond their comfort zones by the competition, each woman is challenged to learn about herself and her relationships while also banding together to battle a jealous psycho and a sexist boss.